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7 comments to Adblocker users! Please consider reading this notice.

  • orcslayer006

    What is wrong with this site? I had to turn my ad block ON just to be able to leave this reply. When my ad block is off and I come here, the screen keeps hoping back and forth between two of the video ads. I can’t see what’s on the far right of the screen unless I go full screen, which sucks cause I like to be able to see this and my game screen at the same time when entering the information on the attack menu. I can’t see the bottom part of the screen at all cause it keeps jumping back to the top so I don’t miss the ever important pop up ads. When I want to see a report, I have to get lucky and click it before it bounces back. Even when I get on the actual report page, I have to zoom out to 50% and squint at the words or it’ll pop right back to the top to make sure I can see the ads. It’s getting ridiculous. This was one of the best game info sites I had ever used and now it’s almost unusable. I’m about to just stop coming here and spy the RBC’s myself. The coins I save here are not worth the crap I gotta go through to save them.

  • rizzorat

    why do you have so many graphics heavy adverts, it has made you site unusable. i understand you want to make money but you have made the site so bad that everyone in my alliance has stopped using it now so you have defeated the object because you now have 40 less people coming here

  • begar

    I have 3 ad units,which is normal.If you have a typical pc you will not face any problems.
    You will have problems, only if your pc is very old or has very low specs.
    My machines are all intel i5, 4 years old, and they load my site very very fast.
    And another thing:
    This site is NOT designed to be used with tablets or cellphones.

  • The Doctor

    I have your site on my adblockers exception list so I do not have to disable it. Like that the site works fine and shows ads when using Chrome but on Firefox it will start to show the ads but then I get redirected to this page anyways. This only happens on your site. Please fix, is no reason should have to disable the adblocker completely when site is on exception list which works for every other site.

    • begar

      I am sorry, but i cant reproduce the problem on my computer.
      Everything works fine with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer).

      It must be something else on your computer, causing the problem.

      • The Doctor

        Just wanted to say I can view site on Firefox again. Problem is caused by something being on the filter EasyList and some reason even with the site exclusion and adblock plus disabled that filter still applies. With Firefox blocking any page redirection the site and all ads are viewable and working normally.

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