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Daily Login Bonus

When you login to the game a Page Appears providing you Daily Login bonus. The Picture is shown below:


There are three Sections here

Daily Rewards

In daily reward one can chose from the three options given here. Based upon your need you can chose one 

Special Rewards

     Alliance Bonus

Alliance bonus gets activated when one is in Alliance the higher the alliance level the better the reward.

       VIP Bonus

VIP bonus gets activated during the VIP mode   VIP Mode . Higher the VIP level better the reward

Note: You can also access Login bonus by clicking on Economy economy Icon in right bottom corner when you are in your main castle in green the go to Management Management icon and then selecting Login BonusLogin Bonus Icon



1 comment to Daily Login Bonus

  • Lady Jane 7

    Every time I log in and choose the above rewards, I get the message that I have already received these items.

    I have put reports in to support many times but it has not been fixed.

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