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Battle of Berimond

 Updated: 08 Mar 2014 

The battle of Berimond is a periodical event. You have to contribute resources (or rubies, of course) to participate.

The event has to do with a war between two royal houses:

The House of Gerbrandt (lions) and the House of Ursidae (bears).

Once you enter the event,  you will be automatically assigned to a faction. Then you will be transferred to a new map, Berimond. There you will find a new camp of yours.

You have to build several buildings, to develop it. You also, have to transfer troops from the other four kingdoms to Berimond, to participate in battles, between Lions And Bears.


What can be built here

1. Civil_Buildings

2. Military_Buildings

3. Battlements

4. Decorative.Items 

  • Arsenal
  • War__Banner
  • Field__Kitchen
  • Drill__Ground


For the first three days you have protection against attacks. 

After that you start participating in battles. You can capture enemy’s resource villages, attack against enemy’s camps etc etc.

You can send support to all players who paly in your side (bears or lions). The aim is to help your side win.

Your camp has a certain production rate of resources. Building tents, increases this production rate.

Every side has some Berimond_Watchtowers and a Berimond_capital. If you destroy all enemy’s Berimond_watchtowers, then you can destroy his Berimond_capital. After destroying enemy’s Berimond_capital, every successful  attack against an enemy camp drives its owner out of Berimond, and the camp is destroyed.

Pictures of Berimond map and camp:




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