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The Blade Coast


The Blade Coast is a periodical event. You have to contribute resources (or rubies, of course) to participate.

The event has to do with pirates who invaded the kingdom, You have to fight and defeat them. 

Once you enter the event, you will be transferred to a new map. There you will find a new camp of yours.

You have to build several buildings, to develop it. You also, have to transfer troops from the Great Kingdom..


What can be built here

1. Military_Buildings

2. Decorative.Items 

  • Pennant
  • Arsenal
  • Drill__Ground
  • Field__Kitchen


You can capture enemy’s towers and convoy.


Pictures of Blade Coast map and camp:




By defeating pirates, you will plunder pearls, which you can use to buy some items:

  • Bride of the Waves
  • Treasures of the Deep
  • Renegade_Swashbuckler
  • Renegade_Sail_Ripper
  • Swordfish_Epee
  • Golden_Compass
  • Sea Queen’s Scepter


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