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Main Interface

The main interface of the game displays a piece of map, or a castle and looks like the following images:

1. Map interface



2. Castle interface



3. Indications on the upper left:


  • Player’s Coat_of_Arms icon
  • Experience_level
  • Experience_points
  • Player’s name
  • Player’s title
  • Number of rubies owned by player
  • Number of coins owned by player


4. Indications on the lower left:


  • Information window / Alliance chat
  • Achievements_icon
  • Alliance_icon
  • Messages_icon
  • Rankings_icon


5. Indications on the lower right:

  • Map of the Kingdoms icon
  • World / Castle interface switch icon
  • Equipment_managment icon
  • Construction_menu icon
  • Military icon (links to production_interface and recruitment_interface)
  • Economy icon (links to Castle_management, Research_interface and Castle_overview)
  • The Kings_market icon
  • Travel_overview icon
  • Adventure (in grass map) or Resource villages (in other maps) icon


  • Position selector (navigates you to the selected castle)


6. Indications on upper right:

  • Game control panel
  • Construction slots


7. Indications on upper center:

  • Information about resources, troops, villagers  and production,  for each castle (castle interface)

  • Search interface for finding players or locations, using coordinates (map interface).

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