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Key Resource: Food

The most successful player is the one who is able to manage the Food resource and maintain a huge army in this game. To gain maximum advantage the following things should be done.

Selection of Out-posts

The best outposts for the food are the following

Food: 8 Wood : 2

Food:  8      Stone: 2

Food - Wood 


Food: 6 Wood : 2

Food: 6 Stone: 2

Food wood small Food - Stone small


One should prefer to capture the outpost with Food: 8 this will support much larger Army


Building Farm Houses

As you build more farm houses in one castle the production of each farm house starts to decrease. One should continue to have Farmhouses till the production reduces from 100% to 13% e.g. for food outpost with food: 8 one can have 15 Farm houses built


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