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Spy reports Events

Before every attack, the player must send his spies to the targeted castle, to acquire information about stationed enemy troops and defensive tools.

With this information, he can set his attack plan, using the most suitable offensive troops and tools. This will help him reduce casualties  of his troops.

This espionage must be carried out every time before an attack.

But not if the target is:

  • A Nomad Camp, in Nomad Event .
  • A Samurai Camp, in Samurai Event .
  • A BerimondTower in Berimond Event .

This is because, if espionage is carried out once, for a target, of the above, then every target of the same level has exactly the same defense plan. For example, every Nomad Camp in the same map has the same defense plan and every Nomad Camp level 22 has the same defense plan.

Avoiding useless espionage missions, helps you to spend less coins. which means you can use coins in other things such as upgrades.

You can see spy reports for every target of the above categories here:

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