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Everwinter Glacier Spy Reports (Barbarian Fortress)

Updated: 04 June 2014 

The following data is valid for commander without any equipment.
(Double checked and verified 100%)
According to your commander’s equipment, you may need less tools to attack.

Target’s Equipments Effects
Wall protection + 17 %
Gate protection + 16 %
Melee soldiers’ combat strength + 21 %
Ranged soldiers’ combat strength + 20 %






Melee defense = 135 , Ranged defense = 45

Melee defense = 51 , Ranged defense = 125








Melee defense = 135 , Ranged defense = 45

Melee defense = 51 , Ranged defense = 125








Melee defense = 135 , Ranged defense = 45

Melee defense = 51 , Ranged defense = 125







This is only a suggestion. There may be better attack formations, with fewer losses.

Recommended Attack Formation
  Left Center Right
1st wave  
2nd wave  
3d wave      
4th wave      

19 comments to Everwinter Glacier Spy Reports (Barbarian Fortress)

  • waqasahmedsheikh

    i use your trick i loss 55 armyi use my trick i loss just 30
    so now you must learn me.. how to play this game.
    you miss guide the new members so bad

  • begar

    Then use your trick.

    This is only a suggestion. Experiment and find the best way to attack.

    I never said anything about losses. I said about winning.

  • justastud

    People don’t understand. One person may lose a greater number than a number. It only takes a few points on a commander to make all the difference. You use a 70 percent commander you will lose almost double troops compared to a 90 percent commander. 
    Plus different formations with different commanders yeild different results due to tools soldiers ect. Alot of times it makes sense for me to go up the middle and one flank but yet I never do it cause I can do more multi attacks by always attacking both end flanks. It requires less soldiers. 

  • commander

    First wave left 1+1 (the cheapest soldiers) center 1+1+1 (the same) “Don’t put them any tools”

    Other two waves follow begar’s suggestion

    Suiside soldiers are the cheap soldiers who used to alleviated the defensive tools and have fewer losses of expensive troops 😉

  • namnor

    Best way to do this :

    2 waves of martyr soldiers in left and center (1 soldier per avenue is enough)

    3rd wave 100% melee left flank and 100% melee center with 8 ladders left flank and 8 ladders + 9 battering rams center.

    Left Center Right

    1st 1 soldier 1 soldier 0

    2nd 1 soldier 1 soldier 0

    3rd 100% melee 100% melee 0
    (8 ladders) (9 rams + 8 ladders)

    Use a strong melee commander

  • setukalpa

    best way–wave——left ——middle——right
    1st wave–1suicider–1 suicider–0 soldier
    2nd wave–100%strong meele–100% strong meele–0 soldier 
    —100% mantel/8 cast iron mantel–10 scaling ladder & 10 batering ram–0
    3rd wave–100%strong meele–100% strong meele–0 soldier
    — 10 scalling ladder–10 scalling ladder–0
    with strong commender having atleast 65%+ meele combat bonus
    will loose hardly 30 soldiers.
    strong meele means-min. two-handed swordsman or better
    i have proved by myself..

  • sarah1

    I always do this give a lsot of 30 soldiers with 90% melee:first 2 waves fake in center and left. Third wave left full melee 10 ladders center 1 soldier4 wave left same without tools. center full melee 10 rams and ladders.

  • Schattenwoelfin

    I have tried both of the above listed attack approaches, with 54% Melee+Commander und 2handed swordsmen-I am still loosing about 50-75 Soldiers; in compliance with the former spy report (prior to June4th) I was losing 35-36 soldiers – does anyone have a better attack strategy for the changed formation? Thanks!

  • varush

    Superb begar


    i must thank u for creating this link

    i didnt know how to attack towers or fortresses but this link showed me how to attack


    and ignore the players that are telling it not correct


    u are the best begar

  • kamath

    Hi guys…..try using this format:

    Wave 1:

    Left:  1 martyr

    Center: 1 martyr

    Right : nil


    Wave 2:

    Left: 1 martyr

    Center: 100% melee with 9ladders and 9rams

    Right: nil



    Left: 100% melee with 8 laders

    Center : 100% melee

    Right: nil


    Wave 4:

    Left: 100% melee

    Center: 100% melee

    Right: nil


    Using 80% melee commander i m geting total loss of 16 soldiers…..



  • _Vorlons_

    You can do a similar attack as Kamath, but you can use ranged troops also.
    For this to work well you’ll want a CMD’r with at least +70% range or better.
    I myself have vet troops now and use them, with them you can have the loss around 24 troops. If you use Crossbow of the Kingsguard (From the daily tasks 80 pt reward) you can have your losses down to about 16.

    I list some troops as best loot, those will not fight and are there to just collect loot. I use my vet. maceman as they hold more loot than the vet. crossbowman. Fill all four waves for max loot.

    If your a lower level and don’t have 4 waves, that’s ok, you can still do it.

    Wave 1
    Left: 1 Martyr
    Front: 1 Martyr
    Right: n/a

    Wave 2
    Left: 1 Martyr
    Front: Best Ranged with 20 mantlets
    Right: n/a

    Wave 3
    Left: Best Ranged with 10 mantlets
    Front: Best Loot
    Right: n/a

    Wave 4
    Left: Best Loot
    Front: Best Loot
    Right: n/a

  • laberburg

    kamath, there are still tools on center in second wave. So send a martyr in center 1st and 2nd wave, then melee

  • kamath

    Laberburg, at center only 1 martyr is enough if u put 2 martyrs then army at keep is reduced hence increasing the loss. And in center 1 martyr is used jst to remove the flaming arrow. Wall bonus can be compensated with wall tools. But if manlets r used then your army will be slower and hence reduced chance of hitting towers. What i have posted is an economical attack with less loss. This way you get more profit of rubies.

  • SirEthaniel

    You guys have to realize every attack suggestion for each spy report is based off of a naked commander. if you have a commander with -wall bonus then you don’t need to send as many wall tools. If you have a commander that has 45% ranged and 65% melee then you need to figure out what fits for you. I have used these set ups with my 90% melee and 90% ranged commander and have had very good results. My suggestion is that if your commander has equal ranged and melee bonuses and you follow his suggestions you’ll have lower troop losses. I’m not saying they will be 0 because the Dragon fortress in fire peaks is a troop hound. Losses are just sometimes unavoidable.

    • Beral Shak Ur

      Indeed, SirEthaniel. These reports are based on a commander with null buffs.

      Bad form, bad etiquette, I say. How can one find it in themselves to direct anger at the person who painstakingly gathered all this valuable data together, put up a site for it, and still continues to pay for the domain name to this day?

      To all those who would slander – By what right do you complain? You have proven yourself a selfish and eternally demanding audience that is undeserving of Begar’s hard work and attention, let alone the money he spends on the upkeep of this website.

      ‘Tis a shame indeed.

  • laberburg

    kamath, tried your suggestion with 90% melee commander. 14 losses and faster travel without mantlets. perfect.

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