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The storm Islands


  • Players from level 35 can unlock a new kingdom: The Storm Islands.
  • Each player will have his own island and will send his troops with the help of ships.
  • When starting the kingdom you will be given a castle with a few buildings, some upgrades will have been done and a few decorations.
  • With a new rare commodity the members of an alliance can earn points together.
  • To earn strong rewards here the cooperation of the whole alliance is required. The leader of the best alliance of the server will become the Storm Lord.
  • Each member may, regardless of the level, contribute through their activity towards victory.


The new commodity – Aquamarine

  • In the New Kingdom there is a very sought after commodity to capture: The aquamarine.
  • As in any other kingdom, raw materials and troops can be sent to and from the island kingdom.
  • Aquamarine can be captured from the native NPC’s or from other players. This activity is rewarded.
  • In the sea there are also resource islands. If a player they conquers one of these islands, it must then be protected for a period of time. When this time has expired, the troops return to the castle with a lush stockpile of resources.
  • Resource islands work differently than resource villages, since they only have a few hours before they disappear and show up again after some time in a different location.


The Storm Lord

  • The leader of the best alliance is appointed at a certain time to become the Storm Lord.
  • The Storm Lord, as head of the storm Islands, is granted the power of four titles to assign to his friends and his enemies.
  • These titles give positive or negative effects, such as an increase in the recruitment speed.
  • The Storm Lord and the other title holders will have a symbol shown on their main castle on the world map.

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