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Welcome to the Goodgame Empire Guide.

Goodgame Empire is a web game, played in browser, created by Good Game Studios (GGS).

It is a war game, which combines tactical, strategy and resource management skills.

According to GGS, millions of players play this game.



1. Any computer, with no special graphics card. For full experience, you need at least a double core CPU.

2. A modern Web browser: Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome.

3. Adobe Flash Player.



Anyone can play, completely free, but players who wish to spend real money, can buy tools and units, which give them advantages over the free players. There are many payment methods, like credit card, paypal, skrill etc.



GGS regularly updates the game and adds new missions and elements, to keep players interest alive.


Site Sources

All information included in this site is a combination of:

  • personal experience, obtained by playing the game
  • helpful advice from other players
  • posts from players in the official game forum
  • ideas and suggestions from site visitors



This site is not associated with Good Game Studios, in any way.



Any suggestion for improvement is welcome.



proud member of  Blade Riders alliance, International 2

forever grateful to my former alliance, The Independend.


Go to the game page here >>>


36 comments to General info

  • waqasahmedsheikh

    your side is very helpful
    thanks bro…!!!

  • revandev

    Why can’t I access the game? Tried to get in using my internet browser but I can’t enter. I says something about the makers of the game owing $$. So I was getting in from your  page, but now I can’t sign in at all.

  • begar

    You can always access the game without problems, using the upper left menu:

    ” Play the game / go to the game page “

    It’s a clean full page, with no scripts or other things, only the game code, as given by GGS.

  • Clavin the Cruel

    Best site EVER!!!

  • VladRules17

    This is the best site Y learn a lot from here…!

  • gavinplayer08

    Does anyone know of a coordinates map for fortresses in all of the worlds?

  • Ice87

    I play nordic  server…. finland denmark sweden and norway.

  • Sjc12

    contact me in gge Sjc12 

  • stelios ierisso

    θα ηθελα να κανω δυο ερωτησεις με παραδειγμα και να μου απαντησετε..1.δεχομαι επιθεση απο 60 στρατιωτες στα αριστερα,220 στο κεντρο και 90 στα δεξια. 2. δεχομαι επιθεση στα αριστερα απο 150,στο κεντρο 250 και δεξια 0.πως θα τοποθετησω τα στρατευματα μου σε καθε περιπτωση, οταν η δυναμη μου ειναι 200-300 στρατιωτες συνολικα, για να εχω την καλυτερη αμυνα?

    • stargate67steve

      Καλημερα φιλε, σημασια εχει τι ειναι αυτοι που σου ερχονται, κοντινης η εμβελειας?
      Ο καθε αμυντικος στρατιωτης εχει καποια χαρακτηριστικα, σε αμυνα εναντιον κοντινης η εμβελειας.
      Αν για παραδειγμα στην πρωτη επιθεση που αναφερεσαι, οι 60 και 90 των πλευρων ειναι εμβελειας, και οι 220 του κεντρου ειναι μικτοι, θα στησεις την αμυνα σου ως εξης.
      Αριστερα και δεξια 100% εμβελειας, και κεντρο 50-50, με 4 καλα εργαλεια σε καθε κουτακι.Τις μπαρες τις βαζεις αναλογα με την δυναμη που ερχεται.
      Στην συγκεκριμενη 1η επιθεση και αν δεν εχεις υποστηρηξη, θα ελεγα να τον παιξεις στο 1 η στα 2 μερη και οχι σε ολα.
      Θα εβαζα τις μπαρες 20% αριστερα και 80% κεντρο, και 0% δεξια η καπως ετσι.
      Αλλα ολα αυτα ειναι σχετικα, αν για παραδειγμα εχεις υποστηρηξη απο την συμμαχια σου, απλα τους βαζεις σε μια πλευρα ολους, αν του σπασεις το ενα πλευρο θα κατεβει στην αυλη με 0% δυναμη, και θα χασει γιατι εχεις δεχθει υποστηρηξη που παει κατευθειαν στην αυλη.
      Οποτε για μενα η καλυτερη Αμυνα ειναι 100-0-0 η 0-0-100, οποιο θελεις εσυ ειδικα οταν δεν εισαι online, και ρυθμιση της αμυνας σε 60% κοντινης και 40% εμβελειας.
      Ελπιζω να σε βοηθησα.

      ΥΓ, ξεχασα να αναφερω οτι πολυ σημαντικο ρολο παιζει ο πυργοδεσποτης σου, αλλα και ο διοικητης του, οποτε ντυνεις τον πυργοδεσποτη οσο καλυτερα γινεται με τις στολες που εχεις

  • hgoyal

    is there any trend of rvs appearing in kingdoms?

  • Lykos1245_alliance

    Απο τον βασιλία των αγκαθιών καλά θα ηταν να βαλετε κατασκοπείες και προτεινόμνο σχεδιασμό επιθέσεων!

  • LaDama

    Thanks for this site, Begar :)   it’s great!!

  • SJain

    i cant access the game today i played the game today in morning but at evening i cant access the game or forums but i can access to other sites

  • dreamtree

    I never see advertisement on this site even though I see ads on YouTube… How do I unblock ads for this site?

  • Is it only me who experience a slow website??
    I keep receiving this msg ALL the time:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


    I think this might be the issue…or what you think??


    BTW…thx for a gr8 site :)


  • johny


    I want to go over to fire how do u build up the res as store only  holds 80000. Or do u add up totall from castle and op? Not sure if I’m sounding a bit dumb :-)

    • begar

      Its the same thing as starting your main castle in grass.

      You can also send from other kingdoms, but you lose 50% as fee.

      Your alliance memebers should send you resources, to start building.

  • justastud

    Sorry man I usually agree with you but I am on a server computer, with 168 gigs of ram and your site slows me down. Its your flash ads, just saying your right its not hosting its your website.

    On the upside though for the people who want to complain, go into your settings and don’t allow flash and pics and it will be super fast.

    • begar

      I don’t know what to say.

      Server is located in Germany, i am located in Greece. It’s a 3.000 kilometers distance and pages load on my laptop in less than a second.

      Ads are not mine. They are served by ad companies, so nothing can’t be done by me.

  • david hillin

    Burning sands armed militia stats = melee attack power = 8

    melee defense power = 27; range defense power = 24

  • CrappyGamer

    internet Explorer, a modern Browser, Ha you make me laugh

  • Thomas

    Can’t see but left half of reports so this site is flawed as of today.

  • Unnamed

    Mr Beggar

    Leaving Jetpack which plugins have you used.


    I to have a wordpress website and i want to take some tips.

  • Thomas

    What is the time frame for the alliance color dots in the alliance menu?

    • Lemur

      Yellow = Not online but has been in the last 12 hours
      Orange = Been online between 12 and 48 hours ago
      Red = Been online between 2 days and 7 days ago
      Black = Was last online more than 7 days ago. Generally, in a large alliance anyway there won’t be anyone one this setting unless they are on holiday as they will be kicked out of the alliance.
      Ruins = black. There is no special setting for ruins. They just stay black.

  • Agrica

    Please add Hall of Legends building

  • salmanassar

    Nice facelift with the reports!

  • orcslayer006

    You lied to me. You said if I disabled my add blocker that there would be no blaring sounds. I’ve had to listen to the greenies dog snack advertisment three times already at sound levels far above what my volume is set at. You suck.

    P.S. this constant “I am not a robot” shit sucks too.

    • begar

      OK i disabled this constant “I am not a robot” shit.
      But if see again spam messages, i will have to reenable it.

      Half China’s people are trying to fill with spam comments every wordpress site, to advertise their products. This may not be a problem for you, but its a headache for me.

      About ads. Remember this is a FREE site. You DO NOT pay anything for using it.
      If you dont like it, DO NOT use it.

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