Spy reports

Before every attack, the player must send his spies to the targeted castle, to acquire information about stationed enemy troops and defensive tools.

With this information, he can set his attack plan, using the most suitable offensive troops and tools. This will help him reduce casualties  of his troops.

This espionage must be carried out every time before an attack.

But not if the target is:

This is because, if espionage is carried out once, for a target, of the above, then every target of the same level has exactly the same defense plan. For example, every Fortress in he same map has the same defense plan and every Robber Baron Castle, level 22, with 2 victories to level 23, has the same defense plan.

Avoiding useless espionage missions, helps you to spend less coins.

You can see spy reports for every target of the above categories here:

15 comments to Spy reports

  • kevonh

    What would be even more useful than a spy report is also having Castellan bonus, Wall %, Gate %, and Moat %

    • begar

      Good idea. I ‘ll see what i can do about it.

      • erickblucher

        The wall and gate percentages are inaccurate because whoever took the screen shots forgot to remove the equipment bonuses. They need to make a commander that doesn’t have equipment for the screen shots.

        • begar

          The screenshots have nothing to do with commanders. 

          If you mean the recommended attack formation, it assumes that your commander and type of your troops is relevant to the tower level.

          For example, its impossible to be a player lvl 12 and attack a level 40 robber baron tower. Also its impossible to be a player lvl 70 and have commanders without equipment.

          • erickblucher

            You miss understood what i said. I did an espionage, 100% detail, on a level 14 – 3 to level 15 RBC. I made a commander which doesn’t lower the wall or gate protection. The frontal should say 40% for the gate and 65% but the person who uploaded the screen shot for the frontal had a commander with 19% less gate protection and 23% less wall protection, so instead it shows 21% for the gate’s protection and 42% for the wall’s protection. The majority of the screen shots are like this.

          • begar


            I will check it.

          • begar


            You are right. I verified what you say and now i am working to make the required changes.

  • JeSSe_ReD2278

    Now you should start adding the best way to attack them!!
    found out that by sending traveling knights, marauders… etc.
    just that little attacking boost can cut your losses in half! rather than sending the norm (twohanded, heavy cross).
    just a suggestion.

  • JeSSe_ReD2278

    yes, well you could have user’s post there attack reports on that level… or send to you! and you could determine it. i understand it would take time. but that would be great!

    • begar

      I have asked users to report errors in spy report, as it is stated on upper right announcements.

      Users can send me correct data via email , or post them as a comment.

  • RedPhoenix

    Well thanks for this no matter what it has been very helpful and I have passed this along to my members here on international 2.
    Thanks alot and great job man

  • erickblucher

    I suggest that you add the details of how many tools are in each slot if you update the pictures due to the recent update which hid the amount of tools. It will allow us to make better use of martyr waves.

  • kevonh

    One more suggestion…

    On the suggested attack, you might consider the value of a martyr wave.  If a wall position has tools only one or deep, you can send one wave of one troop to get rid of the tool.  This is especially helpful when only using wood tools to attack.

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